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About the PCLI

cmmera B&WThe Photography Club of Long Island or PCLI, formerly known as the Port Washington Camera Club was founded in January 1975. Since then, more than just the name has changed; meeting frequency, location and the number of people participating has also changed over the years. And one of the largest changes has been more recent, with the advent of digital photography and the digital darkroom. We have some members who do at least some of their work with film. However, there is more emphasis on digital equipment, skills, and post-processing. Read More...

Club Officers


Bill Brickner

Vice President

Barbara Spivak
Susan Tiffen


John McDermott

Past President

David Wollin


Committee Chairs


Tom Colligan
Stan Strauss
Susan Tiffen


Sandy Jo Becker Hyman


David Wollin


Dave Wollin

Web Masters

Daniel Neff


Club By-Laws

Speakers - Critiques - Exhibits - Exhibitions

A Range of Meeting Formats
Most months, from September through June, we have three meetings, one on each of the first three Wednesdays of the month. (Please consult our calendar, which changes sometimes due to school or religious holidays.) The meetings fall into the following categories:

Well-known professional photographers who discuss in detail and demonstrate their particular area of expertise and the techniques they use.


 Each month, members are invited to submit up to 5 digital images to be critiqued and rated on composition, exposure, and technique by experienced outside photography judges. A special 'topic' is assigned for each critique night, and each member is encouraged to try to submit at least one of the three images relating to that topic. The topics will mostly be based on a specific technique that we discussed in a prior meeting, such as macro photography.
Members' Sharing Nights: On meeting nights when no speakers are scheduled, members are encouraged to bring in something that they are working on or have done—such as something that was critiqued at an earlier meeting, for peer review and suggestions. Members can also teach others a particular technique that they are interested in. 


End of Year Annual Slide & Music Show and Coordinated Library Media Gallery Exhibit: For the past 36 years the PCLI has held an Exhibit and Multimedia Photographic Presentation. The May Slide and Music Show features programs of about 30 images submitted by individual members, along with music that they choose. This is compiled into a video presentation shown at the Port Washington Public Library twice in the month of May. An accompanying print exhibit in the Library Media Center, runs from the beginning of May through June, and features work from all members who submit images. 



Continued from above:

cmmera B&W Despite these changes, one thing has remained constant--we have a wonderful group of people who enjoy each other, and are passionate about photography and sharing their knowledge as well as learning from each other and outside sources. 
We are a non-competitive club. That does not mean that we don’t have some very gifted, competing photographers—we have several, including students, who have won awards and been recognized not only by us but by PFLI, to which we belong and take advantage of. However, we are all in it to learn and to share. We are not so much interested in knowing who the best photographer in the group is, as we are in making sure that everyone’s needs are met on all levels and on making the new or reluctant participant feel as much at home as the founding, award-winning members.
The club's members range from those who do not shoot much or are just getting started to others who have considerable experience in nearly all phases of photography. Many of our members use various DSLR cameras at different levels, from fully automatic to fully manual, and many (some of the same people) use point-and-shoot cameras, again using varied degrees of control over individual settings. Some of our members have their own darkrooms, while others are using computers and the remainder utilize commercial photo processors. Some have very professional-looking websites and do all or most of their own printing, while others send their work out to be printed and framed. The subject of our photography varies widely, including but not limited to architecture, wildlife, portraits, events, travel, flowers & foliage, sports and more of our members are exploring fine art photography—playing with images in photo-editing software to create something that is beyond the original image.